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Wendy Kirkland is a wife, mother, business owner, author, teacher, and option trading powerhouse.  Eight years ago, Wendy had never been involved with trading and knew nothing about options. She and her husband, Jack, have owned and operated a gift and collectibles boutique for 22 years. Through the economic ups and downs of owning a business and raising a family, Wendy supplemented their income in different ways. “I’ve tried every part-time, whiz-bang multi-level marketing plan out there,” she says, “but nothing seemed right.”

A friend introduced her to option trading over lunch, and Wendy instantly knew it would be a good fit for her. “Option trading doesn’t take away from anyone else,” she says. “It’s not as if you are taking a piece of the pie that will leave someone else without one. In fact, your interest and participation actually benefits others.”

Wendy’s unique way of looking at option trading might be described as decidedly female. She doesn’t mind the reference. “I am a woman,” she says, “and my philosophy has always been to offer a hand up and a hand back. I’ve needed help along the way, and there were always people happy to provide it.” Now, Wendy has two books under her belt and a very confident hand back. Option Trading in Your Spare Time was co-authored with her friend, Virginia McCullough. Despite the pretty pink cover which touts the book as “A Guide to Financial Independence for Women,” men and women are buying it in large numbers, so much so that it has recently gone out of stock until its next print date. Wendy describes the book as an overview of option trading, written in a comfortable style, as if she were talking with the reader over a cup of coffee.

A second book, P3 System: Option Trading Basics and Putting Profit Probability Potential on Your Side, is a spiral-bound strategy handbook that promises to dramatically increase winning trades. The system is based on Wendy’s discovery of an interesting anomaly while looking at a hodge-podge of indicator charts covering her kitchen table. She found that an identical pattern between two unrelated indicators appeared on every single winning trade, but was absent on all of the losers. She couldn’t believe she hadn’t seen it before.

Wendy’s achievements didn’t happen overnight. In the beginning, she signed up for a five-week course after which she “knew just enough to be dangerous.” Her studies continued with numerous books on specific aspects of option trading: volatility, Greeks, and a good dose of trial and error. Finally, after discovering the P3 pattern, she developed the selection criteria and entry and exit signals that brought consistent winning option trades.  Wendy now looks at charts in the evenings to relax. “It’s like looking at art,” she explains. When the specific pattern is found, the stock symbol goes on a P3 Newsletter list.   

Wendy’s success eventually morphed her inner student into a natural teacher. Others began asking questions. “I knew if I could do it, anyone could.” In addition to her books and a few webinars, she answers questions online one night a week.  She says she is “pleased to inspire others.” In fact, the aspect of this whole process that she likes best is providing hope that a person’s financial life can be different. “I learned a long time ago that the best way to help others achieve financial independence is not to gather well-to-do people to discuss someone else’s lack and how to eradicate it,” she says. Wendy explains that it’s important to change mindsets about money so that people know they deserve prosperity and that it is achievable. “The next step is to give them the means to do it and offer proof by demonstrating success.”

From the first gut feeling with her friend over lunch, Wendy’s life has moved in exciting new directions. “When you follow your passion, doors keep opening,” she says. Wendy is changing the traditional views of option trading as a vocation only for Wall Street Insiders. She once received a direct mailer that began with the words “Dear Fellow Betting Man”, and goes on to explain that advertisements present option trading as a macho high-risk activity reserved for an elite gutsy group. Wendy, on the other hand, is interested in helping others, such as those who are retired and need to supplement their income, or who work other jobs, or who wish to stay home with young children, singles who want to build for retirement, or married couples who yearn for more security. With conviction she continues to reach out to a growing numbers of traders. “It is crucial for people to have financial independence so they never feel bound to or by anything that doesn’t bring joy or resonate true for them.” Wendy pauses, “Financial freedom takes away limitations.”

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